Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Visiting Kuala Lumpur

A mail to my friend earlier. I thought it might be good to share or future use..haha

Some of my suggestions for you during the day:

Day 1
1) Visit Petronas Twin Tower - go there early morning as they only limit the amount of people visiting the Sky Bridge daily. It is free
2) Visit KLCC - which is connected to Twin Tower. You might get the ticket (for Sky Bridge) only for afternoon so you can do some shopping / walking in the mall while waiting for the time to go up.
3) If you are bored with shopping there, you might want to visit the Underwater World which is located at the same mall.
4) I'll bring you to Midvalley Megamall which is outside the town for shopping and dinner

Day 2
1) Visit KL Tower - entry fee about RM 20 (not sure as they have different price for foreigner) but worth visiting. Its much better than Sky Bridge as you can see entire KL (provided weather is good).
2) Go to "Bukit Bintang" (In Malay) or Starhill area for more shopping. Sungai Wang shopping centre should be your nice bet to get a lot of cheap stuff. If you want cheap IT products, go to Low Yatt Plaza (all within the same area and walking from Crown Plaza)
3) Try "Berjaya Time Square" if you have more time.. its just beside Sungai Wang too.
4) You can visit Petaling Street (chinatown) and Central Market (local products) (nearby to each other but not too near to your hotel)

You might want to visit the Museum, the Lake Garden and such.. haha i can't really comment on that cause its really not my kind of place..hahaha

1) If you decide to take cab, they might recognise you as foreigner. Instead of using the meter, they might quote you a price. Pay not more than RM 5 to RM 10 from / to your hotel. However cab to Petaling Street and Central Market might be between RM 10 to 15
2) You can bargain between 50% to 70% in Petaling Street and Central Market about 10% to 30%.
3) If you started your bargaining saga in Petaling Street, make sure you buy the things if they decided to sell you at the price you quoted, else they will normally being a bit rude for wasting their time. So you might just quote your price based in your personal judgement and my advice in Tips 2

Friday, March 03, 2006

Some of the Dutch things....

Last weekend I tried Herrings.. too bad nobody take photo for me for eating the raw fish with raw onions. Sashimi with onions?? haha When you first opened, it stinks a bit but the onion can cover it, then when you start to eat it, wow.. its fantastically nice.. but after you finish, you will smell your breathe and hand like some raw fish (almost the entire day). So you can imagine that.

Some of other dutch food I would recommend:

1) Mustard Soup.. oh this is fantastic soup with frankfurt inside.
2) Green Pea soup (see pic below) - this one very subjective, depends which shop.
3) Pannacoeke - simply means Pan cake.
4) Herrings - as above
5) Kroket - a type of fried food..haha
6) The Dutch duck - I think Peking duck is still better.. but worth trying if you are curious about duck with thick fat skins. But I think it taste better than the Peking Duck here..

Now I start to miss some Malaysian food. I want assam laksa, penang kuay teow.. all those oily food!! haha.. i miss them!! or else we could go seafood in Kepong.. awww..

I have found this interesting website that wrote quite a bit about Dutch food. So I won't bother writing too much as you can read from here: http://www.spacetrekkers.fcpages.com/dutch.htm

Something to note is the Dutch Takeaway which is very convenient for the after-party clubber to have their kroket or frikandel (my favourite). hehe.

A lot more things I believe I could explore (seen from the website above) but limited as I only have weekends to travel. However I'm glad enough to see some of the things around Netherlands.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some of the rules to follow in Europe

1) Eat spare ribs with your hand
2) Don't speak with food in your mouth. Its better to ignore a question to speaking
3) Learn some European histories before hand.
4) Don't bring them for buffet. Ala carte would be better
5) To be continued

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fujiyama @ Groningen

Last night we had team building in one of the japanese restaurant here called Fujiyama.. very very good the way they do teppanyaki as it contains a bit of western style like got brandy and you can choose your teppan in raw, medium or cooked.. special right? and my first time having this white sesame ice-cream.. i don't find it nice but you guys can try some day la.. no green tea ice cream though... total price for dinner.. euro 500 for 7 person... 4 hours dinner from 8pm to 12.. they just take their time and prepare for you.. nice leh....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine 2006

My valentine celebrated with my colleagues from Germany.. we were all laughing through of how "romantic" this is as 7 guys and 1 girl is going out and looking i'm the only one at twenties, and someone at fifties also there.. haha.. Its actually our weekly team building, every Tuesday and we will change restaurant and bitch about our project and the users here..haha.

Of course its fully paid and I can order anything i want.. it is the only time of the week that I could order without blinking or thinking.. some of the even took cigars, and we have fine wine, all type of liquor and crapping whole evening lo.. But I don't get some of their English Jokes and they find me somewhat "too american" i think.. cause our English is more to Americans.

On my way back, walking alone and quietly, i passed by a house where there were this two young teens where having sex at the staircase in front of their house. The girl was moarning so loud that i could hear from a distance but I thought it came out from the room until i realise a guy's butt (without takng off his pants off) was shaking hard.. haha i was like OMG!!.. and wanted to see more but afraid kena beaten up..haha i think they somehow didn't realise i was there.. anyway good experience.. to see them having sex outside the house, moarning and of course visible to
people.. in the cold some more.. respect respect! What a Valentine for me.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Rotterdam Trip and such!

Here is my photo taken at Rotterdam and probably other places later. http://photos.yahoo.com/jasonlcw.rm

Inside you will see a white building photo. Jackie Chan slides down from that building in one of this movie. I need to explain is the Cube House. (yellow coloured ones). The house is in top of a pole (where the stairs are) and the cube is senget one. So u go figure it out yourself la okie.. hehehe.. its a small cube but
because the way the utilised it, you can have 3 mini floors inside.. but furniture all have to custom made to fit those weird corners la..

The Red Bridge.. dunno what bridge but it functions the same as the
white bridge, (ERASMUS Bridge) which is very popular here (but lose to
Penang bridge I suppose) and it links the two side for Maas River (very big river). Of course it serves as one of the largest port in the world previously before Shanghai took over. And of course you can see some of my pic "sua ku-ing" in the snow with windmills. Its the last two windmill in Rotterdam.

On personal life, living costs in Malaysia are claimed to be higher than in UK. With your job, you would probably be driving a Merz here already.. so we should all try to migrate here and get a Merz once a lifetime..haha

That's all for the news today.. cheers!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Planning for Amsterdam

Frankly speaking, I think the ground trip mentioned by Patrick is very reasonable. Was going through all the hotels yesterday night and you can't get anything lesser than Euro 80 for 2 person in the room. So let's assume you take hotel for nights, it would easily cost you RM 600-700 per person already. Meal is about 10-20 euro for a decent one. Haven't include ticket to all the entries and of course the tram as the euro 80 hotel is normally outside of city centre.

According to my friend, its very strict here in Euro.. if you book one roomfor one person, you cannot have more than that squeezing into the room.

For train ticket info, please refer to www.ns.nl

From Amsterdam, going to Delft, Rotterdam and the Hague is near.You might wanna consider Uthrect too. So the train shouldn't cost much. Amsterdam to The Hague only cost about 3.20 euro only for returns. But toRotterdam about 23 euro la.

Friday, February 10, 2006

More about working here!

Hallo is for Hello,
(I think Hoi is an informal for Hi?)

I really cannot imagine if I go Rotterdam or Amsterdam since I've been complaining about the expenses occured in Groningen. But I guess this is all like some setup fee. Getting my Internet, mobile numbers, extra clothing and of course some "lessons"..hahaha. I found a cheap laundry that will cost me Euro 5 for self washing and drying.. arghh.. at least better than that hotel that already charge me Euro 7 for a jeans.

Holland is a super Dutch country.. only 1% of the things are available in English. Even my prepaid mobile, also no language option.. so have to really study Dutch.. if you stay here for 1-2 years, sure you can read Dutch.. hahaha. The weather here also change drastically. Shopping hours time still maintain as it has been printed on their door so i don't think they change the door signs for different seasons

But yah, we could work on something if you guys are here.. haha.. i know of a place where they have daily food menu of 8 euro, so the menu changes everyday. Else if you guys are not big eater, we can go and eat Soto Ayam at Euro 3.50 ber bowl..hahaha. Bring back hotel and eat.. and here they drink tap water so you can have unlimited supply of it..hehe

Regarding job market, a lot of the job has been moved from Europe to Asia... cheap intensive labour. Was talking to a German this morning, in fact a lot of them are unhappy that jobs are moving towards Asia and Europeans are losing their jobs. Will that happen to us one day in Malaysia? Possible!

I have taken the courage to start depending on my own, taking bicycles to work next week without depending on anyone (unless the driver is around of course).. tried taking bicycle last night around the town.. OMG!!! Its very very cold.. my whole body is shivering while cycling and i basically lose all my energy to cycle. Its like the feel "Oh let me die instead..hahaha"

Sis, I got another long john trousers last night.. Its 22 Euro.. where got cheap la.. Kena scammed by you already. The jackets / sweaters are cheaper than Malaysia a bit only.. Like around Euro 50 to 60 for a reasonable one.. so its about RM 240 to RM 300 also leh.. maybe quality? don't know how to judge, but design quite "in" la some of them.. dunno reliable a not.

OK, that's all for day! Have a great weekend!

Adieu! (for bye) or Vaarwel (farewell!) ehehe

Thursday, February 09, 2006

4th day in Groningen

Last night was a very windy night for me here. I realised my body heat is going down as I couldn't take cold as compared to the first day when i arrived and I need hotter water for my bath already. So windy and cold that we have hail (some sort of ice rain) last night, and I thought I see snow this morning but its a bit too rough. But yes its nice to see the floors and cars are covered with white stuff. Had Salmon steak for dinner last night (8 euro), not too bad and did some shopping after that but yer.. the fashion here a bit out one.. not nice.. I think South Africa got better fashion..haha maybe I should go shopping at Amsterdam instead.

Managed to take some nice photo (i think) but it was late that I went back (need to sleep by 11pm already) that I decided to only download the file this evening. Hope I can email to you all tomorrow. I'll also be going to Rotterdam this weekend, stay in Groningen next weekend and Amsterdam the other weekend. For those who plan to come, you could spend some 3 days occupied in Groningen. In fact I haven't really walk around as it all closes by the time I finish my work but generally i think should be enough.

The only trouble here is the food and transportation is bloody expensive. Train from Amsterdam to Groningen is about Euro 28 per way, so if any two of you planning to come at the same time and yet plan to visit Amsterdam then I suggest you to stay in Amsterdam for few days as it would cost about Euro 60 for each of you to travel up and down everday. The food, i'm sure we could find ways to get even more budget food..haha
Groningen is quite a Dutch town. Still maintain a lot of old Dutch buildings compared to other part of Holland (that is what I was told). Other nice places in Holland to be considered other than Amsterdam, Rotterdam would be Uthrecht and Maastrict. But more recommended Uthrecht to Maastrict. So let me know..

I'm also still checking with the Project Coordinator if I could check out Groningen during the weekend and arrange me to stay in other part of Holland. If can, then maybe you guys can come on weekends (Friday - meet at Amsterdam and enjoy there first), then go to Groningen on Sunday night so you could spend remaining few days in Groningen. Then the accomodation is totally free. If you could stretch throught another weekends, we might be able to do another visit to Rotterdam and Uthrect as they are nearer to Amsterdam and you could fly off from there that weekend (Sunday maybe?) But let's pray hard that my company does have that flexibility first.

OK, that's all for now.. its a Sunny morning here at Groningen and lots of love from Jason!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Journey to Netherland - Groningen

Just to let you know that I have safely arrived to Groningen. Thank you for your sms and everything. I'm sorry for writing in late as I'm engage in a whole day meeting yesterday so hope all of you are doing great especially after a long holiday. Anyone still blue?

Arriving at Sunday 5am in the morning to Schipol International Airport in Amsterdam, it was all dark then from the sky. I couldn't see anything from the sky. My first impression of the airport is that KLIA is better, the only thing is that they have good integration of train to other part Netherland together as well a bigger stores for shoppers. I got a bit of hard time at the custom as they need to know how much cash I have and show them my credit card etc. Asking me lots of questions in their Dutch accent, however its fine when I flash my American Express Corporate Card..haha!

Reaching at the train counter to realise the first train to Groningen is actually 7 am so I have to wait 2 more hours in the airport. Did lots of "window" shopping checking out what are the nice souvenirs for you all (see I so nice.. just reached already find!). After that started my 2.5 hours train journey to Groningen. Once I'm out of the airport, my goodness so cold.. and I have to pull my luggage, totalling i think got 40Kgs.. and its so "sempit" inside the train that I feel so embarassed. However since Groningen is a University Town so I got to know a few friends along the way to Groningen. A lot of students in the train, some with surfboards and stuff like that.. really kwai lou style.. And I feel like I'm taking the train with them to Hogwarts..hahahhaha.. Along the way, the land is flat and foggy.. very nice comfortable morning..

I have to transit 2 times so you can imagine how difficult i am bringing my luggage up and down run towards the next leaving train, pulling my bag through the stony floor, eeeww.. Reaching Groningen at 10am, first impression.. YER.... what town is this.. hahaha.. so I went to take a cab. Haha guess what? I'm sitting on a nice Audi accompanied by a young tall sexy bald driver. He's wearing a formal suit and help me to carry my suitcase.. Felt so bad but at the same time its feeling so good like got a nice young leng jai driver to drive me in my own Audi..haha of course that doesn't come cheap.. it cost me 10 Euro for a journey like KLCC to Bukit Bintang.. So I only can syok a while only..haha

Reaching my hotel, NH Hotel, outside is not good looking but when you go in, okie la.. at least better than Capitol hotel..haha... the deco is nice and I've got a nice room too. But not as nice as my room in South Africa. But the toiletries given here is like branded one.. Menyesal i bring my own toiletries..haha. I've got the top floor and overseeing the town of Groningen. Very romantic one as I can see the Church tower from my room.. and the TV.. all boring channel.. Dutch language mostly. I also tried watching Small Ville in Dutch.. sigh..

Went out to have a walk around the town, the weather is cold and wet. I have to wrapped up like "bak chang" but my pants are freezing. Nice town with lots of traditional Dutch buildings. will take some photos for you all later. And when the Clock at the church tower rings.. wow.. so nice la.. like Christmas already.. Really can feel the western culture here. Nothing much to see as its Sunday and most of the shops are closed. So can only do "window" shopping again..haha
Oh I happens also to pass by the red light district..hahah I see girls wearing their lingerie and standing behind the glass (which is basically the "bed" room). If you decide to engage them, they will put down the curtain..haha some very sexy and some .. why are they even there at the first place? hahaha

Monday started my first day work here. Very dark and cold again in the morning. Took a cab to the office. Cost me 12 Euro. Really feeling like broke already if i continue to live here.. So got to know some colleagues staying the the hotel so tumpang them to work. They are consultant from Germany so they drove their car here so I just follow only. They go back every weekend so its good for them to drive. Lunch here, I can only eat in the factory (where the project site is) and since its subsidize, i can have sandwich (they only got sandwich!!) for 50 cts euro. cheap right? hehehe.. So I take milk and bread for lunch everyday and spend less than 2 Euro which is fine for me. The only thing.. eating bread... yerrrr so Su-Mingggg...hahahhahahahah. Took dinner at McDonalds yesterday. Euro 5 and well not difference.. After that went to the supermarket and gosh.. CHEEESEEE.... Very Big one.. as big as a watermelon also got.. haha.. Got dutch cheese, french cheese, german cheese and all sort of cheese.. (su ming drooling already?? *grins).. wine is only 3 euro a bottle.. hahah su ming sure u can survive here with bread, cheese and wine everyday..hahaha

OK la.. some photos for you all to see.. actually got a lot of things to write but a bit tired already.. I think you all also tired reading also.. okie la.. will put the above into my blog so if you want to continue other day...
you all take care ya.. huggies..